We’re happy to announce that Reinos.nl has acquired Wyvern from BoldMinded!

Brian from BoldMinded did a really great job building such a feature rich WYSIWYG editor. Reinos.nl is proud to be the new owner of such great Module.

Currently we already working to fix some important issues in the main EE2 branch. Also we have started working to port Wyvern to EE3 and are in a very far stage. So no real ETA at the moment when we can release the first version for EE3, but we are aiming for mid February / early March.

All of the customers who already own a valid license, and need an updated version can contact Reinos.nl via the support page so we can generate a new license via Devot:ee

Please keep an eye on twitter to get the latest information about Wyvern and all other addons of Reinos.nl